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Mpho Elizabeth Mpofu is a philanthropist, development practitioner and professional criminologist from Zimbabwe. With over 7 years’ experience of working on tri-sector led social impact projects and programs in Africa, her long term goals are to enable underprivileged, marginalized communities have access to education, as well as reduce gender based violence cases and poverty.

Mpho is passionate about transforming lives and believes in the possibility of a world free of poverty, where equity and dignity is possible when youth women and girls drive the development agenda as agents of change. Her work involves constantly innovating for social good while providing out of the ordinary, adoptable solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Mpho Elizabeth Mpofu
Mpho Elizabeth Mpofu
Canada Catholic Womens league Award for women advancing womens rights in Africa


  • Advocacy experience through facilitating capacity building and sensitization campaigns in Southern Africa which reached 17,000+ students during 16 Days of Activism Campaign.
  • Communication for Development expertise through training local staff of NGO’s on leveraging social media for online campaigns, as well as developing newsletters and other media content to share success stories of local nonprofits on addressing gender based violence in local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Fundraising and partnerships expertise through kick-starting campaign to collect sanitary pads, thereby
    keeping 60+ girls in school, and raising over 320 packs of sanitary pads in 6 months.


BA in Criminal Justice Studies (2016)University of Botswana (2nd Class Upper)


  • Diploma in Development Leadership (2018)
    Coady International Institute: St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.
  • Certificate in Rethinking Partnership (2018)
    Coady International Institute: St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.
  • Certificate in Facilitation and Training (2018)
    Coady International Institute: St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.
  • Gender Response and Public Service (2017)
    MS – Training Center for Development Cooperation – MS TCDC
  • Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Southern Africa (2016)
    Certificate in Civic Leadership.
  • Africa – Sustainable Development for All (2016)
    Online MOOC course by University of Aberdeen.
Religious leaders training in Uganda.

Top Skills

Gender & Advocacy
Research & Documentation
Partnerships & Collaboration
Advocacy & Fundraising
Knowledge Management
Monitoring & Evaluation